Good Morning White America! In this episode Adam thanks the people who made GMWA possible and explains why you get what you pay for, Dr. Karl Radl brings us This Week in White History, the Hate Bird reads poetry, and Blake K. reads from Genesis. Thanks for listening!

Why Cucking Doesn’t Work: The Case of Gavin McInnes

Dr. Karl Radl

Pretty much everything that McInnes said can be very easily defended by simply referencing the academic literature on each subject as well as the vast assortment of anecdotal and popular literature that is out there. The fact is that by immediately apologising McInnes lost all of his credibility, because he cucked and refused to stand by that which he clearly said. He refused to defend positions that could have been easily defended and proven to be true.

Essential Christianity, Vol. 1: Genesis

Written by Adam Grey and Clement Pulaski

A study guide for our 10-week study of Genesis, available in paperback at or via free download as a PDF.

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