Dissent — or Die Less Than a Man

Dissent is power, for with conformity comes powerlessness.  Powerlessness to act or speak, or even think, for oneself in order to get more or different results from life than society thinks appropriate.  With dissent comes the opportunity to have something of one’s own that is different or better than what society thinks appropriate.  Though people would deny it at first, the truth is that even this opportunity is not the greatest benefit of dissent.  The greatest benefit of dissent is that it enables the soul to open itself up to risks that qualify the person for nobility, honor, greatness, and true manhood.

The greatest element of life is this opportunity to be more than simply a material being chasing after its daily rations from one’s master – whether that master be another slave, a business, a political establishment, or society at large.  The greatest part of life as a man is to ascend to the heights to which Jesus has told us we are capable of attaining.  The elements of the divine that intermingle with the ordinary course of our lives can be celebrated, separated, integrated, elevated so as to empower us to be more like God in His communicable attributes of truth, power, love, holiness, patience, peace, and so on.

Every hero and great leader has surpassed the ordinary in favor of the extraordinary.  I need not deny myself the ordinary necessities of life in order to do this.  However, one must go beyond these.  If they had been enough for a man God would have left Adam alone in the garden with his land to till and animals to shepherd.  Instead, Adam required communion with the Divine and fellowship with a person after his heart.  He needed someone to fight for, to woo, to embrace, to weep for.  And from their union came sons and daughters, grandchildren and posterity without number, with whom Adam could share his love, his wisdom, his wealth, his presence.  People for whom to sacrifice, to labor, to give; with whom to rejoice, to love, to laugh, to live.

Man requires a higher purpose than a paycheck.  And not even the love of another may satisfy his soul.  He is born not to loaf, but to risk harm and win rewards.  The truest measure of a man is his willingness to risk harm to himself and what he possesses in the service of a truly worthy cause greater than himself.  Without this willingness to risk, he is a mere accountant, hoarder, slug, or dilettante.  Whether he have much or nothing at all, his unwillingness to serve a God larger than him, expressed through work in one of God’s particular vocations such as war or ministry, indicates that the being is not a man at all but a mere compilation of atoms embarked on an utterly meaningless lifespan, doomed to an eternal inferno.

Dissent enables a man to avoid the broad road, the trap into which most of mankind has stuck their feet, only to discover that it has no ‘off’ button or release switch.  Dissent restores power to a man’s mind and tongue, the beginning point for any revolution and the cradle of all great achievements.  Dissent takes power back from the mob – that nary-do-well pack of bandits to whom we unconsciously bear allegiance from the womb – and flips the bird to the media, political and financial establishments, and cultural institutions that have degraded us and derided us into a state of infantile submission to the faceless, nameless, automaton society.

In order for a man to dissent, he must agree to society’s terms.  Not all of them, for sure.  But he must recognize that the terms by which society puts its members to death for dissent are, in fact, real.  They are serious.  Society means business, and it intends to keep its business running smoothly.  After all, it has monopolistic control over the fate of men, and that is not a power to lightly give away.  Society – both in the mob and in the persons of the corporations and individuals who guide the mob on its way – cherishes, relishes, and thinks its power of social ostracism inseparable from its existence.  It cannot fathom the thought of not enjoying, and exercising at its whim, capital punishment against the name and person of a man who dissents from its charted course.  Be it exclusion from polite society, ordinary social groups like churches and community organizations, or even the family dinner table, society will punish its wayward members upon pains of social death.  It will bar him from employment, smear his reputation in personal and professional circles, politically turn him into a football suitable for kicking, and make the scapegoat wander into the desert to bear the guilt of the sins which he, by the act of his dissension from the group norm, has brought upon himself.  And society will lay its hands on his neck and slay him in an act of self-righteous pseudo-atonement, making the dissenter pay the price for his sin in the name of their god, while his blood cries out to Heaven for vengeance.

The mob that makes up visible society is a harlot, but its shepherds are truly the beast that rides upon the harlot.  They are the ones that manipulate and distract these puppets into submission to a plainly insane and wicked world, which they cannot recognize for lack of vision and spirit.  They have vanquished their spirits and blinded their eyes through lifetimes of submission to their shepherds’ decrees.  Woe to those who imitate their ways, for swift is the fall and long is the drop to those who think they can dip their toes in the pools of demons without getting their whole bodies wet.

The power of social influence is profound.  It shapes the way we think and speak even alone, behind locked doors, in the darkest hours of the night.  Did not the disciples thus fear the power of the Jewish conspiracy?

To break out of its chains one must be willing to suffer social punishment.  In order to do that one must despise the judge, the jury, and the executioners – which in this case are one and the same: society.  This does not mean to hate them, for Christ teaches us not to hate our enemies but instead to pray for them and do them good.  But it does require us to first recognize, and openly state when appropriate, the moral inferiority of our enemies and our enemies’ god.  It requires us to assert our moral supremacy and the supremacy, and sole sovereignty, of our God.

Which brings us to the most important and critical requirement of dissent: love for God.  One must truly love something in order to suffer for it.  Whether the love of money for which we labor, the love of a woman or family for which we labor, or the love of God for whom we suffer ridicule, it is love which comes first in the chain of events.  Without love, all one has to look forward to is punishment and suffering, and that is not enough incentive to dissent even for a willing martyr.  Yes, we must disdain their lies and condemn their cruelty.  But without the reverse – love of truth and the righteousness that comes from and subsists in God – our spiritual bellies will go forever hungry.  Devoid of poison, yes; full of real food, no.  It is not just the excision of the tumor that makes the cancer patient healthy; it is the renewal of his life-giving, vital systems.  Like Christ said, new wine for new wine bottles.  So the dissenter must have the fresh, new wine of the Spirit – truth — in his new wine bottle in order to sustain him during the long desert march of social punishment.

Can anything else sustain him during his suffering?  Can his suffering be avoided?  In a better, more enlightened age, yes.  The system itself, the society and its leaders, would be different.  There have been such ages in the past, and there well may be more to come in the future.  But this present age is a new and real dark age, an age darker than that our enemies allege we foisted upon the world.  I need not write about this age, for its folly and its iniquity is all too easily observed.

Christ said to count the cost of discipleship before beginning.  He was and still is right.  We must consider what we will have to sacrifice in order to prove ourselves faithful to Him and worthy of the crown of eternal life.  He has already paid the full price for our salvation; yet it is ours to forfeit by treason to Him, our one and only Heavenly King.

Let us not begin to build a tower and then leave it half completed.  Let us not be foolish like the king who assayed to go against another, but found that he had half the numbers of his opponent on the field of battle.  Let us consider the cost and strike a bargain with those too strong for us, before launching out on a career, a lifetime, an eternity, of dissent with this present society.  But let us not question for a second our decision to launch out.  Timing is one thing; acting is the other.  Let the cost not dissuade the open-eyed as to the necessity, and opportunity, of dissent.  Our souls await it; our hopes lie upon it; our God demands it as the price of admission to His Kingdom.  So let us go.  Amen.

GMWA 19 – Advent, New Testament, History, Hockey and News

Today Lord Bully Pulpit introduces us to Advent traditions in France, Blake K. explains why the New Testament is considered a historically reliable document, Wayne Smythe catches us up on the latest happenings in the NHL, Dr. Karl Radl brings us This Week in White History, and of course we cover the news about the happenings at Ohio State, Cuba, and the Trump transition.

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28:37 – Advent in France, with Lord Bully Pulpit

33:48 – News for Tues, Nov. 29

52:19 – This Week in White History, with Dr. Karl Radl

1:04:23 – Thoughts for the Eighth Day, with Blake K.

1:10:33 – High Time Preference Hockey, with Wayne Smythe

1:13:40 – Funny stuff, with Adam and Mary


The Human Body is the Handiwork of God

Yesterday I overheard something that is stuck in my head.  As I worked out this morning, I tried to shove it aside and think of something else, because it is particularly foul.  A divorced man said something not tremendously dirty, but offensive and degrading, about his son’s mother, within my hearing.

Why did it strike me as wrong?  Why did it get stuck in my head?

He did not use a curse word.  He simply described her body in a way that was degrading to her, and to the human body in general.

The fact that he said it to his son compounded his guilt.  Teaching children evil is a separate wrong that needs no explanation in light of Christ’s warning to the Pharisees that they would suffer a dishonorable doom for misleading the weak and uneducated.

This morning after my shower it struck me why his comment had been offensive to me.  I was drinking my protein shake after lifting weights, and thanking the Lord for the drink, asking Him to glorify Himself in His temple, my body.

It hit me: I was disgusted by the man’s comment because he was demeaning a human body which God had created to be His temple, in His image.

The fact that this woman and man are not believers bears no significance.  A gardening pot may be used for growing a plant, or it may be used as an ashtray, but regardless it was designed for a purpose and bears a certain imprint on it.  With that imprint comes a dignity that makes people think it ridiculous for pots to be used for ends to which it was not created, for example as hats, pistol targets, or on the opposite extreme, objects of worship.

The body is not to be worshipped, but neither is it to be demeaned.  That is why torture, prostitution, health-destroying habits, pornography, and suicide are all impermissible by the law of God and the laws of nature.  The body is meant to be stewarded, enjoyed, shared for the benefit of others (such as in the life-saving work of first responders and the armed forces), and above all utilized in the worship and service of God.

I celebrate the body because it is the handiwork of God.  God did not trap souls in bodies, as the Manicheans or other Gnostics would have us believe.  God did not intend our bodies for objects of worship, either.  What low, mundane idols we would make.  But God made our bodies both glorious and humble, capable of beauty and strength, as well as necessarily unclean and weak at points, such as during elimination, illness, and injury.

The good news is that God has made our bodies, and human beings in general, far above the rest of His creation, and yet infinitely short of the perfection that He embodies.  We are middlemen, vicegerents, stewards.  By His grace through faith in Christ, He also has made His elect into saints, priests, and kings.  Thanks be to God!

GMWA 17 – Cernovich vs Spencer; Thanksgiving debates with family; hockey, Bible

Today Adam and Mary talk about how to handle difficult conversations with family and friends at this year’s Thanksgiving Day dinner table, Dr. Illusion and Nathanael Strickland weigh in on the Mike Cernovich-Richard Spencer controversy, Wayne Smythe brings his High Time Preference Hockey report, and Blake K. talks about the role of the Bible in Thoughts for the Eighth Day.

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0:00 – How to handle Thanksgiving Day with non-red pilled family and friends, with Adam and Mary

48:31 – News for Tues, Nov. 22

1:08:45 – Thoughts for the Eighth Day, with Blake K.

1:14:17 – High Time Preference Hockey, with Wayne Smythe

1:18:23 – Interview about Mike Cernovich vs. Richard Spencer, with Dr. Illusion and Nathanael Strickland

1:40:22 – Funny stuff, with Adam and Mary


Jewish War on Free Speech

Beginning this week’s edition of the ‘Jewish War on Free Speech’; we have the news that everyone’s favourite ‘Holocaust Survivor’– aka George Soros – has pledged to commit ten million dollars to ‘combat hate crimes’ linked to the rise of American President-Elect Donald Trump. (1)

What this will actually look like in practice is difficult to say, but the likelihood is that it will include more insidious pushes to criminalise any kind of non-approved right-wing political sentiment (especially that critical of illegal immigration, homosexual marriage and abortion).

Elsewhere a senior jewish editor at Politico, one Michael Hirsh, openly advocated for, and threatened, serious violence against Richard Spencer the President of the National Policy Institute (NPI).

He wrote:

‘He lives part of the time next door to me … Our grandfathers brought baseball bats to Bund meetings. Want to join me?’ (2)

Clearly he merely wanted to protest Richard Spencer’s advocacy of an America First foreign policy and discuss it in a civil manner.

Meanwhile it has emerged that Cellebrite, an Israeli technology company with links to 115 foreign governments, can access your Apple iPhone in seconds, but for a price. (3)

This provides yet another reason not to buy an iPhone given that your information is now freely available upon request from the Israeli government.

Over in Kansas; a resident who purchased the number plate ‘Zyklon’ has had jews proverbially screaming for his head for the ‘crime’ of offending their historical sensibilities. (4) While up in Canada a politician dared re-tweet jewish convert to Orthodox Christianity Nathanael Kapner and thus the jewish community in the country is now demanding his head on a spike. (5)

Oh, but I thought jews were a ‘tiny oppressed minority’



GMWA 16 – Twitter ban, white pills, political correctness

Today we talk with Dr. Illusion about #Twitterban and Trump’s victory, Dr. Karl Radl brings us This Week in White History, Andy Jackson lifts our spirits with his French-inspired Weekly White Pill, and Adam and Mary talk about how the Word of God sets consciences free from political correctness.

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34:16 – Weekly White Pill, with Andy Jackson

40:55 – News for Thurs, Nov. 17

57:06 – This Week in White History, with Dr. Karl Radl

1:03:19 – Dr. Illusion interview with Adam on #Twitterban & Trump’s victory

1:39:21 – Funny stuff with Adam and Mary


GMWA 15 – Leafs, Dingoes, Trump, Movies, Glorification, White History

Today we talk with SLUG2_ about Alt Right posters in Toronto that have sent the Canadian media into meltdown mode, Hans and Anna Gygax describe a Moore Family Films giveaway, Blake K. explains the Biblical doctrine of glorification, Adam talks Trump with Fair Dinkum Radio in Australia, and Adam and Mary talk about peace between Russia and the USA.

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18:10 – News for Tues, Nov. 15

35:29 – Interview with SLUG2_ from This Hour has 88 Minutes on Toronto Alt Right postering

51:27 – Moore Family Films giveaway, with Hans and Anna Gygax

1:01:09 – Thoughts for the Eighth Day, with Blake K.

1:08:04 – Excerpts of Fair Dinkum Radio interview with Adam on Trump’s victory

1:19:36 – This Week in White History, with Dr. Karl Radl

1:30:20 – Funny stuff, with Adam and Mary



Three Things Trump Must Not Do

As a follow on from my article on the ‘Five Things Trump Must Do’; I thought to outline the three things that Trump must not do in his coming term of office, which will be so important and critical to the future of the United States and even Western civilisation itself.

1) He picks his advisers and staff from the established Washington D.C. professional pundit, think tank, public relations and adviser circuit. Trump was elected to replace and purge the bloated Washington-centric political class, but if he chooses his advisers and staff from this same professional political class for whatever reason then he will discover that – as Frank Luntz famously advocated several months ago – they will shiv him.

There is certain to be tremendous pressure from the establishment GOP to appoint ‘traditional conservatives’ (read: neo-Conservatives) to high office in a Trump administration, but he must resist this pressure because to do so will alienate him from his political support base.

Further he should remember at all times that this professional political class are the same people that did everything they possibly could to both prevent his nomination as the Republican Presidential Candidate and then spent a huge quantity of blood and treasure trying to torpedo his electoral prospects in favour of Hillary Clinton.

The political establishment showed him no mercy or quarter and now in turn they deserve none.

Trump must never forgive or forget.

2) He is tempted to implement ‘reasonable solutions’ put forward by the Republican moderates in Congress and supported by the displaced professional political class. These will undoubtedly be advanced and will – if implemented – merely to serve to paper over some over the more egregious cracks, not address the root cause of issues and discredit Trump with his political support base in the medium to long term.

Trump must stand strong; appoint a special prosecutor to work towards indicting Hillary Clinton and her various and nefarious associates and minions, begin building the wall and deporting illegal aliens, legally hamstring political lobbying, open up libel and slander laws in order to hold the media accountable, tear up NAFTA, TPP and ILFTA, declare Black Lives Matter a terrorist group and offer the hand of reconciliation and cooperation to Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

If he does this then not only will he be rewarded by his political support base, but also one suspects he will gain many new domestic and international allies.

3) He is tempted to get on the ‘Israel First’ political bandwagon. It is very likely, and indeed it is even starting to happen, that the Israel and its lobbyists in Washington will try to cosy up to Trump and manipulate him to get what they want.

What they will want is to get an even greater slice of American taxpayer’s money for Israel (more than the $3.8 billion that is already given to them annually), war with Iran using American troops and a purge of the American nationalist right, which has been causing them many a sleepless night as of late.

Trump must remember that the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched an unprecedented public attack on him when he advocated sensible immigration policies in regards to Islamic ‘refugees’ from the Middle East. Further Netanyahu’s political allies and agents in America, such as David Horowitz and Daniel Pipes, have been frantically denouncing Trump and his campaign for well over a year now (and continue to do so).

This behaviour is not limited to Netanyahu’s political allies and agents in America either.
Trump has been continually denounced and attacked by just about every publication and pundit associated with the ‘Israel First’lobby. For example the Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee and American Jewish Congress have been rabidly assailing Trump for months and using all their power to prevent both his nomination and election.

Further these unrepentant advocates of ‘Israel First’ policies are the same people who played so central a role in bringing about the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, which Trump has so rightly denounced. In addition to being the same people who wanted to topple Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria; thereby eliminating the only stable and the most powerful force opposing Islamic State in the country.

Trump must never forget and forgive Israel’s conduct and the role of its avowed partisans in bringing about and continually advocating yet more foreign wars that have cost of the lives of so many young Americans and also contributing towards a perpetual financial and government spending crisis in the homeland.

These are things that cannot be forgiven lightly or forgotten quickly.

It is time that those whose loyalty is not to America suffer the consequences of their actions.

It is that simple.

Five Things Donald Trump Must Do

With Donald Trump’s historic victory in the US Presidential Election this week it is appropriate to pause and take a moment to reflect about what the incoming President of the United States needs to do in order to Make American Great Again.

1) Trump has proposed restrictions on lobbyists acting for foreign governments and more specifically for former elected officials seeking or being offered employment by organizations such as these after leaving office.

He needs to implement and expand this restriction in order to curb the well-documented activities of the partisans of Israel as the principle abusers of the lobby system. To do this he needs to focus on the flow of capital between domestic jewish organizations (such as AIPAC, NORPAC, the Zionist Organization of America and the Anti-Defamation League), international jewish organizations (such as Birthright Israel and the World Jewish Congress) and the Israeli government itself. In addition to requiring the Israel Lobby’s plethora of legal entities register as representatives of a foreign government (i.e. Israel) in compliance with current legislation.

This will help prevent the widespread abuse of the lobby and donor system by Israel’s partisans in the United States and abroad. In addition to making it difficult for Israel’s political agents to continue ring fence 3.8 billion of US taxpayer’s money to balance its own domestic budget deficit. (1)

2) Trump has stated that he intends to take China to task for its repeated violations of US intellectual property laws. This is laudable indeed, but Trump needs to expand this mandate to include other major violators of US intellectual property laws such as Israel.  (2)

3) Trump has repeatedly affirmed that he intends to take a hatchet to all Free Trade Agreements that do not provide a net benefit to America. He has targeted NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) and TPP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership) in particular, but he also needs to address ILFTA (the United States-Israel Free Trade Agreement) which has been running a deficit since it began in 1985. The latest figures available on the US trade deficit with Israel caused by ILFTA stand at $8 billion in goods and $466 million in services. (3)

4) Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to convene a special prosecutor to look into the charges that Hillary Clinton used an unsecured private email server to deal with official government business while she was Secretary of State in addition to her activities, along with her husband Bill, in regards to the Clinton Foundation.

He must do this, because if he does not then the neo-Conservatives – the avowed enemies of a foreign policy that puts America first in addition to being the strident partisans of Israel – will rally around Hillary and attempt to subvert Trump’s populist revolution for their own ends.

Further Trump must not limit the glaring light of judicial scrutiny to Hillary Clinton alone, but expand that focus across the whole pro-Hillary framework of think tanks, non-profits and media companies. Whose corruption and anti-American treason has been so decisively documented by the emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee and published by Wikileaks.

5) Trump must distance himself from Israel and treat it as any other country with whom the United States has diplomatic relations. Unless he does so and stops treating Israel as a special case in terms of United States foreign policy. Then he will face difficult headwinds in his diplomatic relations within the Middle East and allow the Israel Lobby to rebuild its powerful grip on American foreign policy in the future.

None of these policy prescriptions are difficult to implement and indeed they come with a significant prize. Whether that be in diplomatic and moral capital, economic advantage and/or domestic security.

Without implementing these policies however Trump runs the very real risk that his populist revolution will be co-opted and infiltrated by the very establishment that he was elected into the highest political office to purge once and for all.

In short Donald Trump has to address the problem of Israeli power and influence in the United States in order to Make America Great Again.

It is that simple.


(2) Cf. Grant Smith, 2009, ‘Spy Trade: How Israel’s Lobby Undermines America’s Economy’, 1st Edition, Institute for Research: Middle East Policy: Washington D.C.