Good Morning White America is a Tuesday morning program designed to encourage and inform pro-white Christians, and those exploring the idea of being pro-white or Christian.  Thanks to the generous contributions of those who give their time, talents, and treasures, GMWA has quickly become a unique, valued piece of the larger Alt Right movement spreading across the Western world.  GMWA broadcasts news, poetry, sports, interviews, funny things, inspirational talks, and all manner of goodness from a Christian, pro-white, pro-family, traditional perspective.  Click here to listen to Adam and Mary Grey’s interview about GMWA on 30 Minutes in the Oven.

Adam Grey

 Adam comes from a nominally Christian household but had to go through a wide-ranging search of religious, philosophical, and political systems in order to find his place as a happy, traditional, white Protestant.  Adam’s professional background is diverse, but mainly centered on politics, writing, leadership, and communications.   Along with Mary, Adam is the busy parent to a house full of kids ranging from tots to ‘tweens.  Adam enjoys physical fitness, reading, writing, speaking, loud music, daring personal and professional challenges, and having fun.

Mary Grey

 Mary comes from a loving Christian household that is keen on having fun and laughing and averse to boring stuff like politics.  Naturally, she and Adam hit it off and have been securing a future for white children (by having them) ever since!  Mary is a busy mom who in her former life had spare time to make crafts, try to decide on a college major, prank her siblings, and sleep.  Along with Adam, Mary loves the Lord, loves His Church (and desperately wants it to be a safe space for her children) and loves her European & American heritage.