Dr. Karl Radl

November 13, 2016

As a follow on from my article on the ‘Five Things Trump Must Do’; I thought to outline the three things that Trump must not do in his coming term of office, which will be so important and critical to the future of the United States and even Western civilisation itself.

1) He picks his advisers and staff from the established Washington D.C. professional pundit, think tank, public relations and adviser circuit. Trump was elected to replace and purge the bloated Washington-centric political class, but if he chooses his advisers and staff from this same professional political class for whatever reason then he will discover that – as Frank Luntz famously advocated several months ago – they will shiv him.

There is certain to be tremendous pressure from the establishment GOP to appoint ‘traditional conservatives’ (read: neo-Conservatives) to high office in a Trump administration, but he must resist this pressure because to do so will alienate him from his political support base.

Further he should remember at all times that this professional political class are the same people that did everything they possibly could to both prevent his nomination as the Republican Presidential Candidate and then spent a huge quantity of blood and treasure trying to torpedo his electoral prospects in favour of Hillary Clinton.

The political establishment showed him no mercy or quarter and now in turn they deserve none.

Trump must never forgive or forget.

2) He is tempted to implement ‘reasonable solutions’ put forward by the Republican moderates in Congress and supported by the displaced professional political class. These will undoubtedly be advanced and will – if implemented – merely to serve to paper over some over the more egregious cracks, not address the root cause of issues and discredit Trump with his political support base in the medium to long term.

Trump must stand strong; appoint a special prosecutor to work towards indicting Hillary Clinton and her various and nefarious associates and minions, begin building the wall and deporting illegal aliens, legally hamstring political lobbying, open up libel and slander laws in order to hold the media accountable, tear up NAFTA, TPP and ILFTA, declare Black Lives Matter a terrorist group and offer the hand of reconciliation and cooperation to Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

If he does this then not only will he be rewarded by his political support base, but also one suspects he will gain many new domestic and international allies.

3) He is tempted to get on the ‘Israel First’ political bandwagon. It is very likely, and indeed it is even starting to happen, that the Israel and its lobbyists in Washington will try to cosy up to Trump and manipulate him to get what they want.

What they will want is to get an even greater slice of American taxpayer’s money for Israel (more than the $3.8 billion that is already given to them annually), war with Iran using American troops and a purge of the American nationalist right, which has been causing them many a sleepless night as of late.

Trump must remember that the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched an unprecedented public attack on him when he advocated sensible immigration policies in regards to Islamic ‘refugees’ from the Middle East. Further Netanyahu’s political allies and agents in America, such as David Horowitz and Daniel Pipes, have been frantically denouncing Trump and his campaign for well over a year now (and continue to do so).

This behaviour is not limited to Netanyahu’s political allies and agents in America either.
Trump has been continually denounced and attacked by just about every publication and pundit associated with the ‘Israel First’lobby. For example the Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee and American Jewish Congress have been rabidly assailing Trump for months and using all their power to prevent both his nomination and election.

Further these unrepentant advocates of ‘Israel First’ policies are the same people who played so central a role in bringing about the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, which Trump has so rightly denounced. In addition to being the same people who wanted to topple Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria; thereby eliminating the only stable and the most powerful force opposing Islamic State in the country.

Trump must never forget and forgive Israel’s conduct and the role of its avowed partisans in bringing about and continually advocating yet more foreign wars that have cost of the lives of so many young Americans and also contributing towards a perpetual financial and government spending crisis in the homeland.

These are things that cannot be forgiven lightly or forgotten quickly.

It is time that those whose loyalty is not to America suffer the consequences of their actions.

It is that simple.