Clement Pulaski

January 31, 2017

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During his first week in the White House Donald Trump has exceeded almost all expectations. Many of us feared that Trump’s campaign promises to deport illegal immigrants and to ban Muslim refugees would not be fulfilled, but now he has proven his commitment to fulfilling these promises. In fact, Trump has even fulfilled the one campaign promise that none of us believed would come true: we are winning so much that we are (almost) tired of winning.

But don’t let that sense of victory allow you to become complacent. Trump’s groundbreaking first week has sent the Left into a mad rage. They are marching in the streets, destroying property, assaulting their enemies, and pushing Democrat politicians to adopt an increasingly confrontational position.

In the insane reaction to Trump’s commonsense ban on migrants from certain Muslim countries, the coalition of the fringes that makes up the American Left is showing their absolute hatred of white Christian civilization. They will go to any lengths to ensure that more Muslims are allowed to enter our country. The homosexuals are siding with Muslims who want to execute them over Christians who politely decline to bake them wedding cakes. The feminists are siding with Muslims who beat their wives, force them to wear burkas and don’t allow them to drive over Christians who mildly suggest that women should focus on their families rather than their careers. The position of the Left makes absolutely no sense, unless you understand that their hatred of Christianity and the white race overrides all other concerns. The Left will use unlimited Muslim immigration as a battering ram against white Christians even if it will eventually result in destroying the freedoms they currently enjoy. It is impossible to reason with such people. Of course we have all joked about how liberalism is a mental disorder, but Trump’s presidency is proving how tragically true this is.

The Left and the Jewish media are trying to make it appear as if the collective insanity of homosexuals, feminists and the colored masses represent what Americans actually want. It is precisely in situations like these that cowardly Republicans in Washington will be tempted to betray Trump and side with the globalists. We must urge them to stand firm and to support our President. Contact your representatives now and tell them that you love what Trump is doing and want to see more of the same. If these Republicans are able to ride out the Left’s temper tantrum, the momentum on our side will only increasingly embolden them to stand firm with Trump and with the white Christian Americans who have elected them.