Clement Pulaski

February 19, 2017

Gregory Baum was one of the many Jewish “converts” to Catholicism who suceeded in reversing the ancient position of the Roman Church regarding the Jews. I refer to Jews like Baum as “crypto-Jews” because they only accepted the teaching of the Catholic Church outwardly while inwardly retaining their Jewish identity. Once accepted as Catholic, these fake converts immediately sought to undermine the teachings of faith they claimed to embrace. This is a clear indication of a false conversion. In the Christian sense conversion is a complete change from one’s old way of living and thinking. It is a new birth in Jesus Christ and it marks the beginning of a life of obedience to a new set of principles. If Jews like Baum had actually converted they would have sought to follow diligently the established principles of the religion they outwardly confessed, rather than trying to tear them down.

In an article from the Jewish Daily Forward, we read about the Jewish role in making the Catholic Church more pro-Jewish:

At one critical moment in October 1964, priests Gregory Baum and Bruno Hussar joined Oesterreicher in assembling what became the final text of the council’s decree on the Jews, voted on by the bishops a year later. Like Oesterreicher, Baum and Hussar were converts of Jewish background.

They were continuing a trend going back to the First Vatican Council in 1870, when the brothers Lémann — Jews who had become Catholics and priests — presented a draft declaration on relations between the church and Jews, stating that Jews “are always very dear to God” because of their fathers and because Christ has issued from them “according to the flesh.” Without converts to Catholicism, it seems, the Catholic Church would never have “thought its way” out of the challenges of racist anti-Judaism.

What this Jewish publication is admitting is that without false conversion and infiltration the Catholic Church would have remained faithful to their traditions. The same is true of Western society at large: without Jews “helping” us along the road to secularism, multiculturalism and hedonism, we would be in a much better situation.

A recent article from Life Site News has now revealed that in addition to being a crypto-Jew, Baum was also a secret homosexual:

93-year-old Gregory Baum, a famed Canadian Catholic ex-priest, has in his latest book revealed that he secretly led an active homosexual life for decades.

Baum, who was a peritus or expert at the Second Vatican Council, reportedly composed the first draft of the conciliar document Nostra aetate, the Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions. Baum advocated for the elimination of the Church’s efforts to encourage Jews to recognize Christ as the Messiah and has since pushed social justice and liberation theology.

The influential cleric reveals candidly in The Oil Has Not Run Dry: The Story of My Theological Pathway, “I did not profess my own homosexuality in public because such an act of honesty would have reduced my influence as a critical theologian.” “I was eager to be heard as a theologian trusting in God as salvator mundi and committed to social justice, liberation theology, and global solidarity.”

Baum flatly admits that he concealed his sexual perversion in order to maintain credibility while pushing for “social justice” and globalism.

The case of Baum shows us how deadly compromise with the enemy can be. Whenever people try to “cure” the Church of homophobia, racism or antisemitism, we can be sure that that their goal is to replace Biblical teaching with thinly disguised Marxism. We should not allow non-Christian voices to tell us what the Church should be, and we should not accept converts who do not completely forsake the worldly ideologies that are seeking to destroy Christ’s kingdom.