Clement Pulaski

April 17, 2017

We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
-Romans 8:28

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
-Philippians 1:21

The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.
-Proverbs 21:1

Ever since Trump launched missiles into Syria there has been chatter that World War 3 might be imminent. There is the threat of a major conflict both in Syria and now in North Korea as well. Loyal Trumpists have been left bewildered by the actions of a man who indicated on the campaign trail that he would seek a more rational approach to the situation in the Middle East and to our relationship with Russia.

It is impossible for us to know exactly what has caused Trump to change course. Was he a phony all along? Has his Jewish son-in-law been able to manipulate him using his beloved Ivanka? Is the CIA blackmailing him or threatening to kill him? We cannot know the truth of the matter with any certainty. Even less can we exercise any influence on Trump or his advisors.

For all of the effort we exerted in working to get Trump elected, we are helpless to prevent the escalation of a conflict that could destroy everything we hold dear. The neocons now running Trump’s foreign policy apparently think that destroying a secular government in the Middle East on behalf of Israel is worth risking a war with Russia. We should not seek any false hope in the idea that the “deep state” responsible for subverting the Trump administration is smart enough or responsible enough to know what it is doing in antagonizing Russia. Although the globalists currently have an iron grip on America and are able to control domestic opposition, they are growing weaker all the time. White identity politics is on the rise, Americans are increasingly pessimistic about the future, and the globalists are increasingly unable to control the narrative. The globalists are not the all-knowing masters they present themselves to be. They are desperate and they are terrified that they might soon lose control of society. We cannot assume that they are thinking or acting rationally.

Thus we must conclude that a nuclear conflict with Russia, China and/or North Korea is definitely a real possibility. Rather than turning to despair, however, we should consider what the Bible tells us about the ultimate fate of the world and the controlling force in history. The purpose of history is not our triumph or the fulfillment of our plans. The purpose of history is to glorify God. The hearts of the rulers of the earth are in the hand of God and are directed by Him. If World War 3 starts tomorrow, it is because it will ultimately fulfill God’s purposes.

When we read a headline suggesting that war is imminent, we often forget God’s promises and start to rely on our own strength. We cling to this transitory life even more desperately than usual because we consider the possibility of losing all of the worldly comforts that we rely upon. If we react in this way, we must return to God and the promises to those who believe in Him. God has decreed that all things will work to the good of those who love Him, even in times of catastrophe and confusion.

As Christians we all know that we should be prepared to leave this life at any time. In the ancient Church Christians were known for their fearlessness in the face of death. They so thoroughly lived for the Gospel and for our future state that many even craved a martyr’s death. The following passage from Ignatius of Antioch perfectly captures this attitude:

Let me be food for the wild beasts, for they are my way to God. I am God’s wheat and bread. Pray to Christ for me that the animals will be the means of making me a sacrificial victim for God.

No earthly pleasures, no kingdoms of this world can benefit me in any way. I prefer death in Christ Jesus to power over the farthest limits of the earth. He who died in place of us is the one object of my quest. He who rose for our sakes is my one desire.

The prince of this world is determined to lay hold of me and to undermine my will which is intent on God. Let none of you here help him; instead show yourselves on my side, which is also God’s side. Believe instead what I am now writing to you. For though I am alive as I write to you, still my real desire is to die.

My love of this life has been crucified, and there is no yearning in me for any earthly thing. Rather within me is the living water which says deep inside me: ‘Come to the Father.’

I no longer take pleasure in perishable food or in the delights of this world. I want only God’s bread, which is the flesh of Jesus Christ, formed from the seed of David, and for drink I crave his blood, which is love that cannot perish. Pray for me that I may obtain my desire.

I have not written to you as a mere man would, but as one who knows the mind of God.

If World War 3 starts tomorrow, let us pray that we have the mind of Ignatius. If we die in the war, then the war will be our way to God. If we survive the war, we will be given more years in which to witness to the truth. In either case we win.