Dr. Karl Radl

May 2, 2017

With the swift volte-face of the Trump administration from the American nationalist platform on which it was elected to a neo-conservative socially-liberal carbon copy of George W. Bush’s administration.

It has forced many people to ask the uncomfortable and dare I say disturbing question: why?

The change all began when former editor of Breitbart and unrepentant American nationalist and architect of Trump’s electoral victory; Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council. (1) This was downplayed by supporters of American nationalism at the time, but it has turned out to have been symptomatic of a significant power shift within President Trump’s inner council with Bannon’s former authority occupied by Jared Kushner the jewish husband of Trump’s favourite child Ivanka. (2)

While Bannon is the de facto leader of the America First camp within the Trump administration; the man who he has clearly identified as the leader of the Globalist Israel First camp is Jared Kushner. (3)

Indeed it has emerged that Kushner is now one of Trump’s key advisers; since it is he who has brokered deals with the neo-conservative elements in the Republican Party to support Trump in exchange for certain policy considerations. (4)

He does this primarily through his marriage to Ivanka who is very much her father’s favourite. (5)
One example of this is the sudden policy u-turn on the subject of the Syrian civil war with Ivanka –according to her brother Eric Trump – being the ‘only non-expendable person’ (6) in Trump’s administration pushing her father into bombing President Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian Arab Army for an alleged sarin gas attack on Islamist rebels a day or so earlier. (7)

So obvious is Jared and Ivanka’s almost omnipotent role in the Trump administration at the present time that Ivanka has had to publicly deny that she was behind the policy u-turn on Syria. (8)

This denial rings hollow though since it is only with the ascent of her husband and concomitantly her influence that the betrayal of the platform that Trump got elected on has taken place. The simple reality is that everyone knows it is Jared and Ivanka’s doing (9) as well as the fact that other jewish White House senior staffers like Stephen Miller are now cosying up to Jared Kushner and distancing themselves from the Bannon faction. (10)

Indeed we can see Jared’s sheer influence in the fact that he wrote Trump’s famous 2016 AIPAC speech (11) and the fact that President Trump has suddenly started offering noxious uncritical worship of Israel’s values rather than American values (12) to his audiences as well as offering public sacrifices on the dark altar of the ‘Holocaust’ after he took over from Bannon as Trump’s chief adviser. (13)

Naturally jews and their myrmidons have been screeching that any criticism or suggestion that Jared and Ivanka have any significant influence over Trump’s policy-making is ‘anti-Semitism’ without explaining why this is the case. (14) In exactly the same way that they routinely smeared Barack Obama’s critics as ‘racist’ for daring to criticise America’s first mulatto President. (15)

The fact remains however that the only explanation that actually makes any sense despite all the smears and attacks by the media is that Jared Kushner has become an unelected Jewish Dictator of the United States via his marriage to Ivanka.

The question now really is: how far is Jared Kushner going to go?

Is he going to betray Trump’s Christian supporters by legislating LGBT acceptance as he has stated he wanted to do in the past? (16)

Is President Trump attending the annual White House Seder going to become compulsory, (17) while celebrating Easter Sunday suddenly becomes optional? (18)

Are journalists to be formally informed that they can no longer criticise our beloved ruler Jared Kushner? (19)

Make no mistake about it my friends: the victory of American patriots in November 2016 has been subverted by a cabal of jewish globalists hell bent on sacrificing American lives on the altar of Greater Israel.

It is time to take our country back.

It is, as one Breitbart executive said, (20) time for all-out propaganda war on the globalist cabal.


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