Written by Mary Grey and Illustrated by Ford Henry

Now for sale on Amazon in full color paperback and on Kindle.

$12.99 paperback, $3.99 Kindle

Looking for a way to explain President Donald Trump’s proposed wall on the Mexican border to your kids and grandchildren?

Want an easy explanation of national borders, self-defense, and property rights for the little ones in your life?

Mary Grey’s book, “Walls and Fences,” featuring the beautiful illustrations of Ford Henry, is a great way to make these implicitly pro-white concepts understandable for the little people in your life.

Featuring references to the Bible, the Great Wall of China, modern Israel, and their own neighborhoods, “Walls and Fences” will open the eyes of the kids (and adults) who enjoy it.

Now for sale on CreateSpace and Amazon.com as a full color paperback book and for sale on Kindle.