No Time to Rest: Contact Your Representatives Now!

Contact your representatives now and tell them that you love what Trump is doing and want to see more of the same. If these Republicans are able to ride out the Left’s temper tantrum, the momentum on our side will only increasingly embolden them to stand firm with Trump and with the white Christian Americans who have elected them.

Prayer at the Trump Inauguration

We must recognize Trump’s use of religion for what it is: political pragmatism. We cannot allow the recent populist victory to blind us to the deep sin problem that still affects us.

A Populist in the White House

The maturing political consciousness of this class will be key to establishing Trumpism and moving beyond it to full racial nationalism in the future. As the globalists continue to let their mask slip while desperately trying to stop the Trump agenda, small business owners can become open to more radical strategies for ensuring their prosperity.

The Most Important Step You’ll Ever Take

Can a small, almost effortless addition to your draw stroke save your life? Odds are it can. Let’s talk briefly about your draw stroke and how it can improve your survivability in a gun fight.

Breaking Bad: The Power of Man Fully Alive

Walter was asleep. Slumbering below the surface of the cog in the machinery of everyday life — at work, at his other job, in bed, with his kid — Walter was itching to get out. Dying, in fact, not from cancer, but from not getting out. From suppressing his true nature.

Dissent — or Die Less Than a Man

Man requires a higher purpose than a paycheck. And not even the love of another may satisfy his soul. He is born not to loaf, but to risk harm and win rewards. The truest measure of a man is his willingness to risk harm to himself and what he possesses in the service of a truly worthy cause greater than himself.

The Human Body is the Handiwork of God

It hit me: I was disgusted by the man’s comment because he was demeaning a human body which God had created to be His temple, in His image. The body is not to be worshipped, but neither is it to be demeaned.

Jewish War on Free Speech

Beginning this week’s edition of the ‘Jewish War on Free Speech’; we have the news that everyone’s favourite ‘Holocaust Survivor’– aka George Soros – has pledged to commit ten million dollars to ‘combat hate crimes’ linked to the rise of American President-Elect Donald Trump.

Three Things Trump Must Not Do

As a follow on from my article on the ‘Five Things Trump Must Do’; I thought to outline the three things that Trump must not do in his coming term of office, which will be so important and critical to the future of the United States and even Western civilisation itself.

Five Things Donald Trump Must Do

Without implementing these policies however Trump runs the very real risk that his populist revolution will be co-opted and infiltrated by the very establishment that he was elected into the highest political office to purge once and for all. In short Donald Trump has to address the problem of Israeli power and influence in the United States in order to Make America Great Again.