One of the most common questions Adam and Mary hear from people is, “Can you recommend a good church?”

The simple fact is, at the moment every denomination — and almost all congregations — are implicitly anti-white.  Many are openly anti-white.  By denying the right of white people to take pride in their identity and to advocate for their own interests, otherwise healthy churches are fighting against our people.

In so doing, these churches are fighting God, who made us with distinctive ethnicities and genders and intended us to remain that way.  There is nothing immoral about your God-given identity as a white man or woman.

Since God intends for His people to grow in community with one another, but we currently lack safe spaces to grow in as pro-white Christians, we’d like to start building a network of like-minded believers who can study the Word, share fellowship, and grow in Christ together.  We’d share the ancient faith embodied in the Nicene Creed, the Biblical doctrines reemphasized in the Protestant Reformation, and a desire to grow in love, holiness and maturity.

God willing, eventually we can grow into a genuine system of local congregations with ordained ministers and offer all the things growing families need (solid preaching, administration of the sacraments, pastoral counseling, youth ministry, men’s and women’s Bible studies, child care, elderly fellowship, missions opportunities, evangelistic outreach, and so on).

In God’s providence some of us may feel alone and isolated, but God’s design for the Church is for Christians to grow together. The day is coming when normalcy will trump degeneracy, and pro-white Christians will be able to openly affirm their faith and identity.  Drop a line and let us know that you’re interested in becoming part of this anonymous, growing network of pro-white believers.  Let’s start praying, studying, and fellowshipping together.  No matter what the world does, let’s follow Christ together.  People from across the globe and across the denominational spectrum are invited to join.