Dear GMWA listeners and interested small group participants,

Thank you for your interest regarding our upcoming Bible study small groups!

On behalf of Mary and myself, plus Clement, Hans, Grey Rebel, and others who have poured so much into this project already, we are very happy to begin this journey with you towards greater love for God, His Word, one another, and our people.

This is a brief introduction to what you can expect.

There will be several small groups to start with. Since our very long-term goal is to plant churches in towns and cities across the U.S., we want to start congregating somewhat according to where we live. You do not have to do this if you’d rather be a part of another small group.

For those living East of the Mississippi River:

The East 1 Group will meet on Sunday from 3-4 p.m. Eastern.  Hans Gygax and Grey Rebel will lead this group.

The Central Group will meet on Sunday from 12:30-1:30 p.m. Eastern. Clement Pulaski will lead this group.

For those living West of the Mississippi River:

The West 1 Group will meet on Sunday from 2-3 p.m. Pacific.  Adam Grey will lead this group.

The West 2 Group will also meet on Sunday from 2-3 p.m. Pacific. Clement Pulaski will lead this group.

The West 3 Group will meet on Sunday from 6-7 p.m. Pacific.  Adam Grey will lead this group.

If you live overseas, please indicate what time zone you’re in. We’d like to stand up new groups for our brethren abroad.

(Update: April 2) These groups are growing. We may migrate from Hangouts to another system soon to accommodate the larger numbers. We may create new groups, with new meeting times, as the need arises. Please let me know which region you are from (East/Central/West/overseas) and what days & times are most convenient for you, and we’ll try to accommodate your preferences. Thanks for your patience and support.

If for some reason we need to restart the Hangout (technical difficulties, inappropriate behavior, etc)  your group leader will hang up and send out another invitation within the next few minutes. Thanks in advance for your patience while we make that transition.

Click here for a brief explanation of how to turn your video camera and/or microphone ON and OFF. I understand that some of you may not want to be on camera (like us) so here’s how to turn off your video. Also, if you need to have a conversation with a loved one or take care of some business at your physical location, please mute your microphone to minimize distractions and interruptions for everyone else. Thanks!

We will meet via Google Hangouts. If you don’t have a Google account yet, please sign up for one so you can log into the meeting. Each week, we’ll send an invitation to the Google Hangout to your email address.  You must contact us and let us know that you want an invitation (not every week, only one time).  Please click on the “Join Call” link in the invitation to join the call.

We will meet weekly at the same time each week (unless your small group leaders have to change it, in which case they’ll advise you well ahead of time).

Small groups will eventually consist of about 5-7 people so that you’ll be able to really get to know each other and have time to ask questions, pray, and talk.  However, for the first few weeks there might be more people than that, since we don’t know yet who, or how many, people will attend which meeting.

At no point will you be forced to share any personal identification (real name, location, photo, etc). However, you are welcome to do so if you want to.  We highly encourage you to exchange contact information and get in touch with people you’d like to get to know better. One of the key goals of this effort is to promote the formation of godly relationships between like-minded, pro-white Christians.

Meetings will consist of: 

  • Bible lesson (including discussion)
  • prayers
  • time for fellowship and further sharing prayer needs

Feel free to leave after one hour, but feel free to hang out and continue your conversations and prayers after the first hour. The priority during the first hour is to study and pray (not talk about prayer requests, but actually pray). After the group has had its fill of the Word and prayer, people are welcome to get more in-depth regarding their prayer requests and to share time in conversations.  Expect a mix of formal and informal prayer.  Feel free to pray in the way that you are comfortable praying.

These meetings will not be recorded but we will start and end on time. Please show up on time or a little early, but if circumstances cause you to be late please don’t be shy. Come on in, don’t interrupt, and join in when appropriate.

Small group leaders will be present to answer questions or pray with you after the first hour. You are welcome to continue your conversations and/or pray with one another in your own Google Hangout calls.  You are welcome to schedule time with the small group leaders for prayer or counseling at times other than Sunday afternoons.

Honest questions about hard theological and moral questions are welcome.  People from any background are welcome.  However, since our intent is to provide a safe space for pro-white Christians to learn the Bible from a traditional Protestant perspective, to pray together, and to develop godly relationships, there are a few things that we’ll prohibit, including:

  • swearing/cussing
  • racial slurs
  • insulting other individuals in the group/other small groups
  • soapboxing on narrow denominational issues
  • preaching against basic Protestant standards
  • advocacy of white genocide, replacement or miscegenation

This ministry is based on a shared belief in the inerrancy of Scripture, the tenets of the Nicene Creed, and the core doctrines of the Protestant Reformation.  Discussions of doctrinal differences amongst Protestants are welcome.  However, we will not marginalize or argue with one another on the basis of disagreements.  Instead, we will focus on where Protestants of differing backgrounds can agree and can work together for the Lord, our families, and our folk.  You are welcome to discuss these issues further in your own conversations outside of the small group meeting.

The first Bible study we’re going to do is through the first book of the Bible — Genesis.  We’ve prepared a study guide for this 10-week study of Genesis, available in paperback at or via download as a PDF. Please bring a Bible and a study guide to every small group meeting.

There will also be weekly audio teachings available for download at, brought to you by myself, Clement, and Hans. These will not be on Genesis, but on other books of the Bible and on important topics.

We live in difficult times when it’s hard to find pro-white, Christian fellowship.  This is just a first step towards our long-term goal and we know it won’t satisfy all of your/our needs and desires, but we’re glad to be able to do something. We’re very excited to see what God can do.

Come with hungry hearts to feed on God’s Word, ready to lift our voices in prayer, and ready to offer a friendly, helpful hand to one another in Christian friendship.

If you have questions or comments, please drop a line using our Contact Form on the Churches page anytime.  Thanks for your time and consideration.  God bless you and yours!

In Christ,
Adam Grey