Written by Clement Pulaski, Adam Grey, Hans Gygax

$6.95 paperback, free PDF

This is our study guide for our 10-week study of Genesis. It’s available in paperback from Amazon.com or via download as a free PDF.

Our study of Genesis is broken into 10 sessions. Each session has questions for further reflection and study, and the study guide has several pages for taking notes.

Table of Contents

1: The Word of God

2: Creation

3: Innocence

4: The Fall

5: The Flood

6: The Races of Mankind

7: The Tower of Babel

8: Abraham

9: Jacob

10: Joseph

The Bible describes the creation of the world by God, the fall of man into sin through his own disobedience, and the redemption of mankind through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These three themes are the key to understanding the Bible and the Christian religion.

Throughout the Scriptures God is presented as the sovereign creator and governor of the universe. He has the power to kill and to make alive, the power to raise up and to cast down at His own will. He alone can make unbreakable promises. Man, on the other hand, is wicked in his fallen condition. Man is full of lies and deceit. Because of this wickedness God gives to man a law to govern his conduct and to show him his evil nature. All of Biblical history is made up of sinful man’s failure to follow God’s law. However, God was not content to allow all of mankind to perish in their sins. Instead, he gave to sinful man a redeemer, His own son Jesus Christ. Jesus suffered in our place and was made the atonement for our sins. After his ascension into Heaven Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, under whose care we are able to lead Godly lives.