November 22, 2016

Today Adam and Mary talk about how to handle difficult conversations with family and friends at this year’s Thanksgiving Day dinner table, Dr. Illusion and Nathanael Strickland weigh in on the Mike Cernovich-Richard Spencer controversy, Wayne Smythe brings his High Time Preference Hockey report, and Blake K. talks about the role of the Bible in Thoughts for the Eighth Day.

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0:00 – How to handle Thanksgiving Day with non-red pilled family and friends, with Adam and Mary

48:31 – News for Tues, Nov. 22

1:08:45 – Thoughts for the Eighth Day, with Blake K.

1:14:17 – High Time Preference Hockey, with Wayne Smythe

1:18:23 – Interview about Mike Cernovich vs. Richard Spencer, with Dr. Illusion and Nathanael Strickland

1:40:22 – Funny stuff, with Adam and Mary