December 1, 2016

In this episode Adam and Mary talk about the beginning of December, Dr. Karl Radl brings us This Week in White History, Nikephoros Phokas talks NHL hockey, Andy Jackson has a Weekly White Pill on Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge,” Lord Bully Pulpit introduces us to Polish celebrations of Advent and Christmas, and Dr. Illusion chats with Adam about happenings at Ohio State, Gatlinburg, and the future of the Alt Right.

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37:42 – Weekly White Pill – Hacksaw Ridge, with Andy Jackson

43:22 – News for Thurs, Dec. 1

59:00 – This Week in White History, with Dr. Karl Radl

1:06:16 – Hockey Report, with Nikephoros Phokas

1:08:14 – Advent and Christmas in Poland, with Lord Bully Pulpit

1:12:03 – Interview with Dr. Illusion on Ohio State, Gatlinburg, the future of the Alt Right

2:00:40 – Funny stuff, with Adam and Mary