December 13, 2016

Good Morning White America! In this episode Adam and Mary talk about appreciating our unique local cultures, Andy tells us about how to cheer up right-wing political prisoners in the UK this Christmas, Skeleton King presents the day’s top news, the Hate Bird reads a Shelley poem, Hans and Anna Gygax talk about cooking from scratch, Lord Bully Pulpit tells us how the Norwegians celebrate Christmas, Wayne Smythe brings us up to speed on implicit whiteness in the NHL, and Adam chats with Leon at Fairdinkum Radio down under about Trump, Oz, and fake news.

Go check out Fairdinkum Radio by Leon Pittard at and sign up to be a member for only $10 per month! Leon is a deplorable, anti-globalist, counter-Semitic questioner of the status quo with a solid view of the JQ, racial realism, feminism, & Christianity.

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27:18 – Weekly White Pill, with Andy Jackson

34:44 – News for Tues, Dec. 13, with Skeleton King

45:07 – Standard Poetry Party, with the Hate Bird

46:52 – Cooking from Scratch, with Hans and Anna Gygax

53:35 – High Time Preference Hockey, with Wayne Smythe

58:26 – Advent and Christmas in Norway, with Lord Bully Pulpit

1:03:49 – Fairdinkum Radio interview with Adam and Leon Pittard

2:02:15 – Funny stuff, with Adam and Mary

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Link: Fairdinkum Radio Ep. 788 – The Western Resistance

Link: We’re All Dreaming of a WHITE Christmas – Send Our Prisoners a Card!…soners-a-card/

Link: Ozymandias, by Percy Bysshe Shelley