January 12, 2017

Good Morning White America! In this episode Adam and Mary go in-depth in self-defense, the Chicago hate crime, and the Sixth Commandment, Mary and Ford Henry discuss their new Alt Right kids’ book, Walls and Fences, Lead Farmer teaches us how to save our lives in an armed confrontation, Kurt Lipper describes how to run for local office, Andy Jackson brings our Weekly White Pill, Dr. Radl presents This Week in White History, Nike brings the latest hockey scores, and Adam talks MLK Day and civil rights with Dr. Illusion.

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55:26 – Mary Grey & Ford Henry discuss their new Alt Right kids’ book, Walls & Fences

1:18:16 – Hockey News, with Nikephoras Phokas

1:20:31 – This Week in White History, with Dr. Karl Radl

1:27:11 – Weekly White Pill, with Andy Jackson

1:40:52 – Adam and Dr. Illusion discuss MLK Day and Civil Rights

2:05:30 – Mission Minutes, with Kurt Lipper

2:11:47 – Tactical Pistol Shooting, with Lead Farmer

2:22:50 – Funny stuff with Adam and Mary

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Link: Walls and Fences children’s book by Mary Grey & illustrated by Ford Henry – full-color, 24 pages, paperback

Link: GoFundMe page for white victim of black hate crime in Chicago

Link: Westminster Larger Catechism — A Commentary

Link: Firearms ownership and training in action at convenience store

Link: Old guy practices self defense through boxing

Link: Women & Guns magazine

Link: Sheriff offers inmates to build Trump’s wall

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Link: The Truth About MLK, Jr.

Link: Which Asian to fight

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