April 11, 2017

Good Morning White America! In this episode Adam and Mary talk for an extra long time about the Alt Right’s response to Trump’s neocon missile strike on Syria, and how we should keep it in perspective. Also, Dr. Karl Radl brings us This Week in White History, Hans and Anna Gygax discuss raw milk, the Hate Bird reads excellent poetry, and Christian Talour has an interesting expose about “racial reconciliation” in the Church, and on Christianity in China. Happy Easter, everybody!

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1:29:36 – Biblical Nationalist Principles in Every Decision, with Hans & Anna Gygax

1:44:48 – This Week in White History, with Dr. Karl Radl

1:57:24 – Christianity and Race, with Christian Talour

2:23:29 – Real Poetry Hours, with the Hate Bird

2:28:27 – Funny stuff with Adam and Mary

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