GMWA 50 – Taking a Break, White History, Poetry Readings, Bible

May 23, 2017

Good Morning White America! In this episode Adam thanks the people who made GMWA possible and explains why you get what you pay for, Dr. Karl Radl brings us This Week in White History, the Hate Bird reads poetry, and Blake K. reads from Genesis. Thanks for listening!


GMWA Real Poetry Hours with the Hate Bird

May 19, 2017

Welcome, fans of Western literature and poetry! Enjoy the Hate Bird’s episodic exploration of great poets ranging from Dylan Thomas to William Shakespeare to Anne Askew. Focused on pro-Christian, pro-White themes, his segments from Down Under brought refined culture and taste to Good Morning White America fans for many months now. Please enjoy, and give your thanks to @thehatebird on Twitter.


GMWA 42 – Captain Atheist, Childbirth, Tolkien Poetry, Christianity and Race

March 28, 2017

Good Morning White America! In this episode Adam and Mary discuss the proper use of love and tolerance amongst Christians, Hans and Anna Gygax explain their home birthing experiences, the Hate Bird reads poetry by J.R.R. Tolkien, and Christian Talour joins us for his first GMWA segment about Christianity and race. Plus a very special introduction to the show by our friends in South Africa! Happy April Fool’s Day!


GMWA 32 – Trump Takes Power, Winning Local Elected Office, Making Household Cleaning Items, Weekly White Pill, Literature, Poetry, Hockey, Laughs

January 19, 2017

Good Morning White America! In this episode Adam and Mary look forward to Donald Trump’s inauguration, Dr. Illusion and Adam talk about the Trump Administration, Kurt Lipper explains how to run for local office, Hans and Anna talk how to make household cleaning products, Andy Jackson presents his Weekly White Pill, Nikephoras Phokas runs down the NHL scores and stats, and the Hate Bird and Borzoi each bring Western literature for our listening pleasure.